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Kooperativa offers vessel insurance for both commercial and recreational use – we insure registered vessels. Vessel insurance is offered centrally, the admission of the vessel to the insurance is always evaluated and rated individually, with an assessment of each individual vessel, based on a questionnaire completed by the client, a valid ship’s certificate and current photographs of the vessel.

We do not insure self-propelled vessels other than propellers (eg jet skis, gliders, etc.), rubber-textile vessels and catamarans.

We insure vessels in the scope of property insurance and liability insurance for the operation of vessels. Property insurance covers traffic accidents, natural hazards – fire hazards, falling trees, poles or other objects, storms or hail, landslides, earthquakes, theft, vandalism under the conditions of a police investigation, regardless of whether the perpetrator was identified or not. We offer liability insurance only if the vessel is also property-insured. The client can arrange property insurance separately without liability insurance.

Furthermore, the insurance can be extended to include additional coverage of the vessel’s transport, chassis transport and liability for damage caused to the passenger.

The sum insured of a vessel up to the age of 3 is set as the new price, in the case of an older vessel as the usual price. Territorial validity of the insurance can be agreed alternatively – the Czech Republic or Europe. We can offer the amount of the insurance indemnity limit up to the amount of the required limit of individual states. We subsequently issue an insurance certificate to insured vessels with territorial validity in Europe, the scope of which also covers the liability from the operation of the vessel. The standard insurance period is 12 months, we offer short-term insurance for a period of 6 months, the so-called seasonal coverage.

Vessel insurance questionnaire, which together with other required documents (also listed in the questionnaire) must be documented to create a draft of the insurance conditions and the subsequent insurance of the vessel itself.

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underwriter – economic risk insurance department

Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group

Celetná 590/25, 110 00 Prague 1

phone number: +420 956 426 044

email:, web:


head of the economic risk insurance department

Kooperativa pojišťovna, a. S., Vienna Insurance Group

Celetná 590/25, 110 00 Prague 1

T: +420 956 426 018; M + 420 724 015 362